Custom build adult image site for a client

A couple of weeks ago a client needed an adult image site developed out. I tried to use some of the available paid and free wordpress themes/plugins but nothing worked the way they wanted it. I decided to make some modifications to a Slim PHP framework project I made a while back and just made my own custom CMS for them.

Here’s the site’s homepage. I don’t want to post adult content to my blog so I uploaded pictures of Doge. The homepage looks much better with lots of content but it’s fully responsive and looked like what the client wanted.
This is what a post looks like. It will display an embedded video instead of an image if you set that. It also shows “You May Also Like” below the post ordered by the most viewed post.
There is a basic admin panel that allows you to manage the content. On The dashboard it shows the total post views, total posts, and total categories.
On this page it shows you a list of the posts you’ve made to the site and allows you to edit and delete them.
This is what creating a post looks like. You can enter a title, description, upload an image, set a category, and set if the image is featured. From the title it automatically generates a pretty URI in the format of /category/the-post-title. I used simditor for a basic WYSIWYG editor so you can add links and format text.
There is also a settings page that allows you to modify values such as the site’s name and homepage title. You can add more settings by adding more rows to the settings table in mysql. You can then use the settings in the twig template by calling {{ _getsetting(‘the_variable’) }}

I would post the full source code but I’m not allowed to.

This project is made in PHP using Slim 4 and eloquent, and is based on a framework I build from the ground up about a year ago.

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